Each of us has been given a specific skill, gift or talent by the Lord, granting us the privilege of serving a divine purpose in His plan of salvation. It is my hope you will discover the tools and support you need to explore, develop and effectively use your gifts so that others may encounter the fullness of Christ in a very real and authentic way."
- Lance Edward

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MAA Seal

Those who come through the Ministry Arts Academy as Student Ministers, often become student teachers and mentors. Our academic seal is given to those who wish to be a part of the Ministry Arts Council once they are equipped.

From Ministry to Industry

Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned individual with many years of experience, the Ministry Arts Academy can help you create high impact, Spirit-filled events by developing a custom strategy for success, longevity and impact in your ministry.

Confidential Pastoral Support

The demands of a "Good Shepherd" are never done. Learn how to meet the needs of your church while maintaining a healthy balance in your own life and relationships. Protect yourself against burn out by letting us help you unlock the wisdom of Christ's ministry and grow your weekly attendance, increase financial giving, actively engage your congregation and equip your staff and leadership to be living ambassadors of Christ.


The Ministry Arts Academy helps establish and strengthen faith foundations for the purpose of living and witnessing an authentic and fruitful Christian life.

Meet the Founder

After 25 years of touring as a professional Christian recording artist, speaker and worship leader; after having the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in both Christian and secular music; after recording in world famous studios, performing on international television shows, touring other countries, performing in front of over 100,000 people in a single performance and hearing my songs on the radio, I can tell one thing for sure... I went through a lot of stupid to get to smart.
For more go to lanceedward.com

Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.

- Col 3:16

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Lance Edward - President/ Founder

David Honner - Vice President/ CPA

Julie Klinger - Executive Director

Rollyn Samp - Legal & Publishing

Pastoral Care & Church Consulting

Pr. Steve Schaible


David Honner

Krista Opland

CathiJo McGee

Web, Graphics & Design

Bill Sealey

Sara Rankin

Andrew Welbig


Marc Rasmussen

Marti Nyman

Korena Keys


Matt Samp

Susan Janos

Richard Vant Hul

Dahn Tran

Rosalie "Yachi" Clarita

Architectural Design & Real Estate Development

Derek Thompson

Dan Lemme


Rod Evans

Gavin Wigg

Jeff Thomas

Music Development

Mike Dresch

Mickie Sweeney

Content Supervisors

Dr. Chris Burgwald

Rev. Joe Vogel

Pr. Steve Schailble

Rev. Kristopher Cowles

Sean Dalton

Dr. Dathan Paterno

Additional Advisors

Becky Rasmussen

Rob & Miriam Broin

Alan Greene

Laura McCain

Dave Hitchcock

Mike Morrone

Rev. Scott Brossart

Pr. Quentin Beard

Mike Roberts

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